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Tarot Love Spell

tarot love spell

When you do a tarot reading you are in fact tuning into the psychic world and picking up answers and predictions to questions you have asked. You may not realise it, but you can use the Tarot to send out wishes into the Universe to be granted by casting Tarot Spells, especially Tarot Love Spells, which are very safe and easy to cast.

The Universe is always trying to bring to us what we want, it picks up our thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires, but all too often we send out conflicting messages, for example, you may desperately want you ex lover to return to you: “my greatest wish is for Dave to return to me” you might think, the Universe does hear you and starts trying to reunite you and Dave, but then you neutralise your wish and confuse the Universe when you send out the opposite request "Dave wants nothing more to do with me, he’ll never come back”. The Universe then starts blocking Dave from returning.

By using a Tarot Love Spell you can send your request into the Universe in a coded way that you do not know how to ruin or upset.

Tarot Love Spell

You will need:
1 sheet of paper.
1 pen or pencil.
Pack of Tarot Cards.
1 red candle.

Select the Lovers Card VI from your Tarot pack, place it vertically face down in front of you. Shuffle the cards, and select one card and place it horizontally over the lovers card, face down also.

Light your candle.

On the sheet of paper write down your request - write down all you want to happen, as you do so, think hard about wish.

When you have finished writing, fold your sheet of paper as many times as you need to make it about the same size as the tarot cards.

Place your wishing paper on top of the two cards.

Now shuffle the cards again, select your 3rd and final card without looking, place it face down horizontally over the first two cards and your wishing paper.

Once you have completed this task, gaze at the Tarot cards and paper while you think about your desires, after a minute or two look into the candle flame and visualise the image of the cards and wishing paper in the flame - this then sends your request out into the Universe to manifest as soon as possible. Next, hide the three cards and wishing paper somewhere safe until your wish comes true, then you may return your cards to the pack and bury your wishing paper.


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