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Telepathy is taken from the Greek Tele meaning 'far' and Patheia which means 'feeling.' Telepathy describes the transference of thought or feeling between two or more people via Psi. Psi is the term used to describe Para psychological phenomena. Psi, the twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet and also taken from the Greek word psyche, meaning 'animating spirit.'

Telepathy is thought by many, to be an extra sense, a sixth sense, that feeling, that hunch, that gut instinct that tells us when something may appear to be all right but that there is something that makes us feel uneasy, or strike instant bonds with a stranger, sensing a feeing of kinship, even though there is little evident information to go on. Somehow we are reading the minds of others so subtly that even we are not fully aware of it, only that we like or dislike without apparent reason, feel dread or caution without ostensible cause. It appears to be a protective sense, personal radar, given us to help ensure our safety and well being.

It is well known that twins seem to have a telepathic connection. In a recent experiment, one twin dipped his finger into ice-cold water, while the other twin, waiting in another room, gave a sharp intake of breath at that very moment. Twins do seem to sometimes share feelings, pain, joy and anxiety, often relayed to them in dreams.

Mothers and their offspring also have frequently shown this extra sensory connection. Many mothers believe that they feel it when their child is in a dangerous situation. They just sense something is not right or if the child is away from home, dream of the child being in danger.

Lovers may sometimes, have some sort of telepathic link and know just what the other is thinking or feeling on occasion. Have you ever noticed that you contact your lover just at the time they were about to contact you?

telepathic lovers

Telepathy is not lost on our pets either. Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that the dog gets restless and excited when they sense their owner is returning home, sometimes waiting at front doors from the exact hour the owner begins his journey back to them and getting extra excited as the owner gets closer to home. If an owner is seriously ill and taken to hospital the pet will often become distressed not only at separation but also increasingly if the owner's condition deteriorates.

Research on telepathy began with the Society for Psychical Research when they published their famous work, Phantasms of Living in 1886, in which the word telepathy was first used. Earlier times had used the term 'thought transference.' This early research concentrated on collating anecdotal accounts and investigating their validity.

Arguably the most famous researcher in this field is J. B. Rhine. Rhine introduced Zener cards in 1927, which display symbols, stars, circles, squares etc. and were used to test telepathic abilities amongst the wider ordinary population. It is from Rhine who popularised the term ESP, extra sensory perception.


Parapsychology is beginning to research the idea that quantum mechanics may provide us with clear understanding on how telepathy is possible. The Russian, Professor Okhatrin's researches have found that thought appears to be a field born in the mind itself, "Numerous synaptic connections in human brain neurons create localised magnetic fields around themselves, which in turn tend to interact with each other thus forming a three-dimensional magnetic field."

This would come as no surprise to those practicing in the occult worlds, where thought itself is the basis of their work. As the old saying goes be careful what you wish for... It appears you are sending out an actual signal into the ether, our minds connect and as everything in the Universe is connected, according to physics and string theory, quantum mechanics and perhaps our very dreams. The mind, it seems, is a realm more magical and mysterious then any of us could ever have thought, even telepathically.


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