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Thrummy Cap Love Spell

The Thrummy Cap is a fairy being or elemental spirit that likes living in cellars in the north of England, so if you have a cellar and live in the north you are in luck. Or are you? Thrummy Caps can be mischievous if you disturb them, such as transforming a cellar into a play room or generally decorating down there. However they are generally protective fairy spirits that feel a kinship to the family who dwells with them and the house in which they live. So if your marriage or partnership needs a helping hand there is no reason that a Thrummy Cap wouldn't help you as they like the family to remain together. So if you wish to invoke their aid, go down to your cellar and leave them a small offering of food and tell them that it is for them, addressing them by name and that you hope it is pleasing to them. The next evening go down to your cellar and ask them to grant your love spell wish and weave a harmonious love spell bringing happiness and joy around your relationship so that you might all dwell happily together for as long as might be. The Thrummy Cap will be listening and things between you and your partner should soon improve.


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