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A Love Spell from Turkey


The land of Turkey famed for it's fascinating history, the greatness of it's former empire and mix of colourful cultures also has brought us very good things to eat and drink. The fine dishes, that are one result of it's imperial past, offer us a cornucopia of delights that are a melange of Balkan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisine. The delicacies of this fare have not been jaded by homogeny and the differing parts of Turkey have brought us new and lovely ingredients to tempt our appetites. The south-east gave the west kebabs and truly delicious pastry puddings such as baklava, with it's royal origins and kadayif. Baklava is thought perhaps to go back as far as the kitchens of very ancient Mesopotamia and the Assyrians but it was cooked as a royal treat in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul for the Sultan and dished out as an honour for his Janissaries on special occasions. Olive trees grow plentifully in western parts and gave us olive oil based cooking, whereas other regions gave us Mediterranean influenced rich dishes, with generous servings of vegetables, fish and fine herbs, while others spoilt us with anchovies and corn based recipes. Turkish coffee is an exquisitely rich and delicious version of our own caffeine pick me up, but prepared at home. Coffee beans are roasted on trays in the oven, ground in small hand mills and brewed in water in small copper jugs with lashings of sugar, on a hob to heat. It is traditional to drink this coffee and then dry the cups upside down, allowing the coffee grounds to adhere to the sides of the cup. After five minutes the cup is lifted and the dried pattern of grounds inspected for portents of perhaps danger, good luck or new love, shown in the porcelain patterns left untouched by the dark coffee dregs. This Turkish love spell is one Turkish way to enhance your coffee drinking and your love life. This love spell will certainly help you and your lover stay together against any odds.

Baklava and Turkish Coffee Love Spell

Take some baklava, and place a piece onto a dish. Cut the baklava into two pieces. Now chant:

'As we two, my love and I, were born as two, may we become one.'

Now using vanilla readymade butter-cream sandwich the two halves of baklava back together again. Then make a cup of Turkish coffee, drink it and turn the cup upside down to allow the grounds to dry. After this time pick up your coffee cup and ignoring any other pattern, see your happy future together, written into the grounds. Visualise it, and keep doing this for as long as you wish until you see it and know it is there in the grounds and so it will be. Now offer your love your baklava treat to eat, but with the proviso that they eat it whole, not cutting or tearing it in two as they savour it.


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