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UFO Attacks a Welsh Police Helicopter - Report by Beaty

My bros, Lenny and Kenny were sunbathing in our back garden on June 8th 2008, when they spotted a flying saucer in the sky. Lenny said to Kenny “did ya see that saucer bro?” Kenny replied, “Yah, I thought we were gonna be abducted”, but instead they discovered a ‘crop circle’ had appeared on our front lawn.

flying saucer

Psychically they decoded the crop circle, and reached the conclusion its message said, “Hiya, psychic medium Gemini twins, we love you."

crop circle in front lawn
Photo of the crop circle that appeared on our front lawn - amazing stuff.

That very same evening while watching Law and Order on TV Lenny said to Kenny, “We ought to get ourselves some alien babes for girlfriends?” But before they could say anymore they saw a TV news flash, A Welsh police ‘coper’ had sighted an ‘unusual aircraft’, this alarmed Lenny and Kenny. Their hearts skipped a beat the following day when they read in The Sun newspaper that a ‘Welsh police helicopter had allegedly been attacked by a UFO.’

“OMG” - screamed Lenny “our romantic future is at stake.”

"Err... " said the Welsh police, amongst other things.

Lenny and Kenny have been keeping lavender bags under their pillows to help them sleep at night ever since, but the good news is: South Welsh police have since denied there was any problem. Phew, my bros Lenny and Kenny will get to meet their Intergalactic babes after all.

Obviously with their glossy heads and ‘lush’ love handles my bros are fighting off babes 24/7, however, meeting some ‘hot totty’ space lasses is currently on hold:

Kenny said to Lenny - “bro, the timing ain’t right.”

space babe
Space Babe

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