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The Universe

And how to stop it giving you the boot and start granting your wishes!


The Universe is limitless in power.

The most powerful law of the Universe is that of attraction.
Ask and ye shall receive.

Making your (love) wishes come true!

The Universe is limitless, without bounds or restrictions, immeasurable, infinite, a thing of wondrous beauty and inexhaustible mystery. The unseen powers of the Universe are constantly trying to bring to us what we want, what we have asked for “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Some people call these assisting forces of the Universe, “Angels’, some spirit guides, others, God or other Universal assistance or their great aunt Tilly in the spirit world, it’s all the same, no matter what name you give it, it's trying to guide us blind humanity to what's best for us.

Synchronicity can be defined as meaningful coincidences - the Universe guiding us - if we choose to listen.

Everything happens for a reason, not necessarily the minutiae of life, torn finger nails or missing the 689 bus in the morning but sometimes even the minutiae has a reason. The thought that when a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon, we feel the effect is true in many senses. How many people have had the most important parts of their lives change because of a chance meeting that wouldn't have happened if they had caught the 689 bus that morning, or because of a seemingly unimportant comment by someone. Worlds turn and lives change due to tiny, often unnoticed circumstances that impel us to change or do something we otherwise wouldn't. The Universe sends us messages via our fellow humans, television and radio broadcasts, situations, visions, dreams, over heard snippets of other people’s conversations. The Universe may be chattering to you right now, but are you listening or burying your thoughts in distractions to block it out?

At first the Universe will drop polite hints. It will show you the answers to your problems in subtle ways. If you aren’t listening, you won’t notice. In which case the next stage is to make things more obvious to the cloth eared and possibly wilfully dense, whatever it takes to make you notice. If you still ignore the messages the Universe either gets fed up and decides to tootle off and read a good book, leaving you to your own devices or decides firmer action is needed and promptly gives you a stout kick to the posterior. Maybe you feel the booted imprint and end up in pain, a painful situation perhaps - since it is only when we are in pain, that we really do listen, sit up and take notice - we will later declare the nasty experience was a ‘blessing in disguise’. At which point the Universe sighs with relief, smiles and relaxes over tea, while watching you fondly and protectively.

Thought is energy, so that your thoughts are signals sent out into the Universe. When you think negatively or fear something, that thought energy becomes a beacon, bringing you what the Universe perceives to be your wish. But when you think positively, your wish attracts that positive outcome and is answered too. This is called the Law Of Attraction; like attracting like.


To request assistance from the kindly and ever patient Universe, you need to state clearly what you want, then watch for clues as to how and when the Universe is going to grant it.

Get a piece of paper and write at the top:

What I want to manifest as soon as possible.

Write your request out in as much detail as possible. At the bottom of the page write: This is something better will come my way.

Then you should keep your piece of paper safely, it is your wish. Place it somewhere special, as befits the status of a wish.

Why not try using the Universe to help make your love spells or witchcraft work faster and more powerfully?

Spend the next month or so looking and listening for clues but not getting too paranoid, three thumps from your radiator pipes will not mean that the number three will be of paramount importance in your life! But do look out for by what means and when your wish will be granted. These clues might be casual comments you overhear, images, or opportunities that come your way. The Universe will hear your wish; make sure you hear its answer.


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