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A Love Spell From Uruguay


The country of Uruguay, in the south east of South America, is a blazing torch of creativity and artistic endeavour, sultry tango rhythms spill from clubs in the capital Montevideo and life is ebullient! In fact Uruguay is resplendent with talented practitioners of all the arts, although the population is small, only 3.46 million and mainly of European origin. But there is a community formed from those of African descent who practise Macumba. The term Macumba originally applied to Bantu religions but now has come to signify black magic. It is related to western voodoo but with its own differences.

Macumba Love Spell

Macumba uses many herbs, plants and roots as ingredients for love spells and those who practise say that spirits of the forest lead them to the secret power of these plants. For this Macumba love spell you will need to buy a piece of catuaba bark. This is legendary as a libido stimulant in men, a very powerful aphrodisiac. Then place your bark in a sachet of linen or permeable cloth. Now place this sachet into your bath water and bath in it for seven days consecutively. Your male lover will not be able to resist you, you have taken on the Macumba power of the catuaba.


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