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A Love Spell From Venice


Venice, 'La Serenissima,' with it's Ponte dei Sposiri, the Bridge of Sighs, the Rialto Bridge, it's piazzas, canals and gondolas, with the stunning ancient beauty of it's palaces and breathtaking beauty of it's architecture is the city for romance as no other can be, being the most beautiful city in the world, unmolested by the eyesores of modern architecture. Like a rope of jewels, strung across one hundred and eighteen islands, Venice sits on the lagoon, a floating jewel that pays homage to itself, to the summit of human artistry in creating an environment that rivals nature in it's harmony and beauty. The venetian carnival takes place from the end of January to the beginning of February, changing by a few days each year, and is the time when venetians have traditionally donned elaborate, quaint or beautiful masks and romped through the city. In past centuries this was a time of licentious freedoms as married women and men donned masks concealing identity and rank and so felt free to sport themselves with others, no matter who they were, without fear of being caught or ostracised from society. Today it is a time when people simply enjoy dressing up and living out their sartorial fantasies and the atmosphere of old Venice and her ancient liberal freedoms lives again. So this venetian love spell is about concealing your love from others, clandestine love.

Venetian Love Spell

Take a photograph of your lover and yourself together, and cut out two little masks from paper. You can trace them first with a pencil and then cut out the mask shapes. Light a red candle, and incise into the wax 'may our love ever be concealed,' and then your two names. Now stick the masks over your faces in the photographs sparingly with two tiny drops of glue. Now sit beside your candle, light it and visualise your love affair continuing happily in secrecy. Let the candle burn down safely and then take the photograph of you both and drop it into a river or canal, where it will be carried off into the concealing depths of the sea in time. Your venetian love spell is now complete, your love safe and secret.


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