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Love Spell from the Chateau of Versailles

Chateau of Versailles

Paris, like love, is exhilarating, it is so lively and bustling, some cafes and shops ever open, the city seems to be awake twenty four hours a day, a constantly varying kaleidoscope of alluring sights and experiences. For the visitor to Paris, it is only a short train ride to Versailles, that magnificent palace of the Kings of France, our legacy from France's romantic past, is a gilded splendour, a feast of opulent, lavish beauty. The Chateau of Versailles is not only a gilded jewel of a palace, but the symbol of the abandoned system of Kings, aristocracy and inherited privilege. If anything protests that this ancien regime enabled man to reach a summit of artistic and creative expression that otherwise wouldn't have been possible, it is the Chateau and gardens of Versailles. They tell us that though the ancien regime was suddenly barbarously and cruelly destroyed, some of it's beauty still survives as a lasting testament to it's great worth.

Versailles was not only a seat of artistic and intellectual endeavour it was also a palace of lovers. The chateau itself and gardens were created it seems as the perfect setting for encouraging romance, as a jewel casket is for jewels. Versailles inspires romance in the stoniest of dry hearts and so it was always the home of intrigue, lover's trysts and midnight rendezvous. Kings took lovers, their lovers took lovers and their lovers too met long lashed eyes across the crystal mirrored rooms and sighed; love like the fragrance of the surrounding flower gardens, was always in the air. So this love spell from Versailles, used it is said by a famous courtesan of the eighteenth century, is lavishly romantic and equally lavish with ingredients. This free love spell is meant to enflame the heart of a King.

You will need one pearl, one diamond, a red candle, one red rose, a painted miniature of your intended lover ( a photograph will do nicely) your garter (you can use a ribbon you have worn around your thigh for a day) and a few drops of rose water.

At midnight make a makeshift alter near a window, open the window and allowing in the night and moonlight. Now place your red candle on your alter, and light it, do not worry that the flame flickers, so does love, now pull off the red rose petals and strew them into the flames as you chant:

'Venus charms are in my arms,
Venus do not delay, bring me (insert your lover's name) today,
Bring me all his love and passion,
Bring me his desire without any ration,
Let him be my lover as I be his,
Let it be sealed with our first kiss,
Like a diamond hard and strong his love for me shall last forever long,
Like a pearl so perfect in my arms his heart will awake,
None shall him from me take,
Our lover's passion can never break,
He will love me body and soul,
My power over him will be supreme,
I will reign over his being,
Never to depart I am Queen of his heart.'

Let the candle burn down safely. Now sprinkle the diamond and pearl with the rose water and bind the miniature, jewels and candle wick together with the garter. Bury them together beneath the flowers of a red rose bush at midnight and your heart will reign over your lovers.

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