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Full Moon Good Luck Wedding Love Spell

This full moon love spell is for those planning that momentous event in life, a wedding and nervous about all the many potential slip ups. So if you want to ensure that your bride or groom actually turns up as promised and that not only the day is perfect but the ensuing marriage, this is the perfect love spell. It employs the full moon as weddings, we know, are famous for being minefields of small disasters.  For this full moon love spell you need strawberry leaves, which are lucky; rose oil which increases courage; a magnolia flower which brings fidelity to the marriage, a jasmine flower to increase your love for each other to even further heights; a little catnip which helps with luck and bolsters love through stress and strains and african violets which brings harmony and romance between you, despite the caterers confusing your menu with a rugby club dinner. You will also need a photograph of you two together, a censer, and a blue candle for good luck. 

Once the moon is full and it is midnight, stand in the moonlight if possible and light your blue candle, which you can protect by a storm lantern if needed. Fill your censer with the herbs, and flowers, sprinkling four drops of rose oil over them. Light the rose oil safely by means of an extra long match or fire lighting device, stand back safely as you do so.  Then visualise your partner and you being incandescent with happiness on your wedding day and for the rest of your lives while you chant:

'Goddess moon, mother of night, 
Juno and Venus be with me tonight, 
Please bring luck to my wedding, 
and my marriage which follows that day, 
May my wedding be a day of bliss, 
Sealed and blessed by destiny's kiss, 
May my groom/bride be joyful on our wedding day, 
And happier yet with each year that follows, 
Happiness and rapture may we capture, 
Please ensure that our marriage shall be happy and everlasting, 
Blessed with fidelity, harmony and prosperity, fruitful too and bound by love, 
And your blessings great and small bestow on us for good and all,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now seal your wish by burying all remnants of this love spell beneath a new rose bush that you plant on top. Your full moon good luck wedding love spell is now cast!

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