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Welsh Goat Fairy Love Spell

In times not so long past it was thought by the Welsh that goats had great occult talents. Perhaps the account of Cadwaladr, the 6th century Welsh King, and his nanny goat had something to do with it. One day his beloved goat ran off for no apparent reason, he grew furious, threw a rock at her and she, as a result, fell off a cliff and died. He cradled her body and would you credit it? She turned into a beautiful fairy woman and led him up a mountain where he then fell too and she disappeared. Now whether goats do have occult powers or not may really only be based upon Cadwaladr's tale which may have been the result of too many pints and a curry with the boys, so we just don't know, but if you would like to experiment, who knows you may achieve wondrous results with this DIY fairy goat love spell. It is believed that the fairy Tylwyth Teg combed the beards of goats every Saturday night, to look good for Sundays, whether this adds to goat credence or not I'll leave you to decide and enjoy casting this goat love spell - a warning - make sure the goat enjoys it too, no goat harassing please, and on second thoughts you may not be ready for what they may be able to do to you, should they wish.

Find a nice friendly goat, and try astonishing it by showing that you above all humans, realise it is very clever and has occult powers. Talk to it, explain yourself. Then give the goat an offering, I think we all know that it will find some good healthy food would be most acceptable. Then ask your goat to grant your love spell wish and who knows, it's more than possible in this odd world, that it will come true.


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