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A Love Spell from Western Samoa

Western Samoa

The south pacific Western Samoa is a country made up of the kind of volcanic islands we dream of when we say 'tropic isle' with dreamy eyes and wistful smiles. The Western Samoans are certainly lucky to enjoy such a beautiful homeland where the culture is based upon mutual respect for one another, a truly 'pacific' place to be. People follow the Fa'a Samoa or 'Samoan way,' rebuilding Christianity to fit in with their ancient beliefs, their gods and goddesses, their ancient traditions and rituals, the Fa'a Samoa. Families tend to be very large and extend as far and beyond as genes or legal connections will stretch, and live in a totally communal style. There is no privacy within the home, with no walls, curtains or screens, the only privacy comes from what night may bring. Young women's virginity is protected by their brothers to whom they must show respect and so Samoan youth has to be creative in finding ways and means to seduce their desired lovers.

Samoan Love Spell

Take one conch shell and place within it a cotton flower of the gossypium hirsutum. This bloom is soft and white, the perfect material for a lover's bed. Then take your conch shell and bury it outside the house of your desired lover at night. The next night dig up the conch shell and bury it again one palm length from its original spot and keep doing this until you have buried the conch shell in a circle around the home. After this your Samoan love spell is complete and you will find ways and means to be very comfortable with your love.

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