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Witchcraft is mixture of magical spells, divinations, herbalism and paganism. A female practitioner is referred to as a witch and a male practitioner as a warlock. Wicca is white magic only, witchcraft encourages both black and white spells and magical procedures.

Witchcraft uses the forces present within nature and powers of the mind to bring about the desired outcome. Various combinations of magical forces and elements will cause specific changes. A witch will tap into the magical realm while in an induced alternative state of consciousness that magnifies thought, feelingss, words, images and moods.

When witchcraft first appeared and where isn’t really known, we can only speculate, certainly Moses was a warlock: From the manuscript which is sometimes known as “Moses’ Magical Spirit-Art”, we see that Moses created numerous potent talismans. Taken from original Hebrew Holy books they have been handed down through the ages and still prepared by the modern witch or warlock.


The Christian church linked witches with devils, and in many cultures witches were feared and seen as demons with evil powers because of their paranormal powers: clairvoyance, astral travel and shape-shifting.

By the fiftieth century witches were thought to be women who were weak and therefore easy targets for the devil. Over 250 years in Europe and especially Germany over 200,000 people were executed because of their alleged involvement in witchcraft. One of the worst cases was Salem witch trails, in which 141 people were arrested and 20 of the executed on the basis of frightened childrens’ tales.

With the industrial revolution there was a decline in the belief in witchcraft, and the persecution of witches officially ended. Witchcraft was a criminal offence in England until 1951!

Love spells are the most popular spells cast by a witch, and there are many magic methods you can use to empower your love Spells:


Cosmic Ordering


Law of Attraction

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