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Wood Carving Love Spell

This is an age old love spell, you've seen it many times but few realise it's power if performed correctly. Whenever someone carves their name and their sweetheart's name into a piece of wood or a tree trunk, surrounding it with an heart and an arrow, they are performing a kind of folk magic. Simple isn't it! But you needn't wait until the object of your affections has agreed to be yours. You can perform this simple ritual and ensure that your love becomes yours. By carving into a piece of wood or a tree you are summoning the spirit of the tree, the elemental spirit to make you love as strong as the tree. So get carving, but please keep in mind how vital our trees are, the lungs of the earth, and if you choose to carve on a living tree and not a piece of already cut wood, keep your carving small (and discrete) and feed the tree with an offering of some good suitable plant food before you begin and then thank it for it's help.





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