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A Love Spell From Yemen


Yemen is the seat of some of the oldest civilisations reaching back as far as 22000 BC and it's history lies in it's spice trading past. The romans called it 'Arabia Felix,' because of the wealth they greedily eyed that poured in from it's trading. Yemen is also rich in Qat, a flowering shrub which can grow up to ten metres and is an excellent stimulant; Qat is chewed by Yemenis so that they can enjoy the juice for this reason. But beware, Qat is very addictive and can cause euphoria, loss of appetite and excitement, so like love itself. So the ancient and rightly proud nation of Yemen, gives us the Qat love spell.

Qat Love Spell

Take your piece of Qat and wrap it in a handkerchief or small piece of linen. Now place your Qat under the pillow of the one you desire. Each day place a new piece of Qat beneath their pillow for seven nights. Your love will soon be intoxicated by you, and will look upon you with desire and excitement!

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