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A Love Spell from Zanzibar


Zanzibar, formerly known as the Spice Islands, is a tropic isle off the coast of Tanzania, which now owns it, but long ago it was ruled by the princes of Araby. It's chief exports were unsurprisingly spices and cloves in particular, which, it is said, still scent the islands' breezes today. Zanzibar prospered as a trading centre of slaves and ivory as well, and the beautiful houses and minarets of it's capital in the old quarter, Stone Town, are made from coral rather than stone. This stunning island, skirted by paradisiacal beaches, is decorated still further with a plethora of palaces, bejewelling it's landscape with colonial splendours. Because of it's colonisation by Arabia, Portugal and Great Britain and it's Persian and Indian influences, not forgetting it's slaving past, the inhabitants of this spice-lustred isle are an exotic assortment of races with an equally rich and exotic culture.

The magi of Zanzibar often had the women of the Sultan's harem as secret clients, ushered into the palace on the pretext of helping to heal maladies. These young women, locked away like unwanted birthday gifts for most of the year, would dream of forbidden love that would not end in the punishment for treason, being sunk in a sack of rocks into the sea. They dreamt of lovers who were theirs alone, lovers who really appealed to them, as opposed to their Sultan husband who had chosen them but the choice was rarely reciprocal. So the magi became adept at contriving love spells to help and conceal these lovers. The harem girls often took lovers from the eunuchs meant to guard their virtue, the eunuchs after all were men still, with tastes for the beauties who had been entrusted into their care. This love spell is meant to defend lovers from discovery.

The Harem Love Spell

Take one clove and gently smear it's scent over your forehead, and over that of your lover's forehead. Sit together, holding hands where you cannot be seen and place the clove before you onto a table and chant together:

'I call upon my jinn of grace that serves my God to serve me now in my need,
To help me reap the pleasures of love and keep it unbeknown,
To all who would my pleasure take, my love, my life, my own.
May our love be scented as the clove, yet hidden so that none,
May take the scent and rob us of all the pleasures yet ours to come.'

Now give your jinn a token of your good will, perhaps a scented cake or gift and give thanks to him. Keep the clove and hide it amongst your possessions, never to lose it.


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